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Witness Preparation

In the eyes of the jury, one of the strongest indicators of accuracy is confidence. Unfortunately, it is common for a witness to be intimidated by the prospect of giving a deposition or testifying in open court. In fact, the fear of public speaking is the most common phobia in the United States. Ultimately, that fear can affect the way a witness is perceived because jurors often misinterpret nervous behavior as a sign of confusion or deceit. Even when a witness seems credible in general conversations, it is difficult to know how he or she will react during a deposition or while on the stand.

Bradshaw Litigation Consulting will work with your witness to maximize both verbal and non-verbal presentation style so he or she will be able to testify with confidence. Whether your witness is overwhelmed by the anxiety of testifying, has a strong personality and is resistant to your suggestions, or anything in between, we will help your witness break down the communication barriers so he or she will perform to his or her potential.