Trial Monitoring & Shadow Juries

After all the research leading up to the trial, it is common for an attorney to want feedback during the trial as well. During the trial it is nearly impossible for the attorney to monitor the reactions of jurors. Bradshaw Litigation Consulting will observe the jury, gauge their reactions to witnesses and the evidence, and then provide you with feedback and recommendations as the trial progresses. 

To take it a step further, we can also arrange to have a shadow jury present. Think of a shadow jury as mock jurors who see more than just a dress rehearsal. The biggest benefit of a shadow jury is that they have no prior exposure to the evidence that is presented at trial. Therefore, unlike the trial team, shadow jurors will view the information in the same light as the actual jury. 
Bradshaw Litigation Consulting will gather information from these individuals throughout the day and then relay that information to you so you will know if you have made a point clearly or if you need to revisit the issue at some later time. 

Learning about sources of confusion before handing the case to the jury may be the difference between winning and losing. Trial monitoring and shadow juries make that possible.

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Jury Selection

By identifying patterns in attitudes and life experiences, 

Bradshaw Litigation Consulting will help maximize your use of peremptory challenges. You will arrive to court with a list of questions developed specifically for your case, as well as an explanation as to why the answer is important. All trial attorneys know to ask about employment in related fields and prior experience with similar situations. We take it a step further by identifying the underlying predictors of juror behavior. Our recommendations are based on sound, empirical research. 

We are also big advocates of Supplemental Juror Questionnaires. Jurors are much more likely to answer honestly when they can write their responses in private, as opposed to admitting sensitive information in open court. When a juror questionnaire is permitted by the court, we will cut through all the extraneous clutter and present you with a concise questionnaire that will help identify biased jurors. When administered correctly, juror questionnaires result in a less biased jury without slowing down the jury selection process.